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The Way of Focused Ki



HAPKIYUSUL is a traditional Korean Martial Art founded in Korea in 1945 by Choi Yong-Sul. The art evolved from Japanese Daito-Ryu-Aikijutsu, and was taught by Choi who returned to Korea after WWII, having lived in Japan and studied under Takeda Sokaku for 30 years.



CHOI YONG SUL (July 21st 1899 – October 27th 1986)

In 1908 Choi was taken from his family to Japan. In 1913 he became a student of Takeda Sokaku, the 'Unparalleled Master' of Japanese martial arts. Choi studied under Takeda, until Takeda's death in 1943. During this time Choi was in nearly constant contact with Takeda and accompanied him throughout Japan teaching military officers, police administrators, members of the Japanese Royal family and even the Emperor himself.

When the war ended Choi returned home to restart his life in Daegu, South Korea. Choi had many students throughout his martial art career and was entirely dedicated to his art until he died in 1986.



DOJUNIM KIM YUN SANG started learning under Choi in 1973 at the age of 41 and at the level of 5th Dan in Hapkido. Upon meeting Choi he put on a white belt and then trained with him everyday for 13 years, until Choi's death.

In 1978 Choi Dojunim asked Kim to show his commitment to the art by building a Dojang, learning the complete art and preserving, photographing and recording the curriculum in the exact order that he taught.

In 1984 Kim Yun Sang received 9th Dan and is said to be the only student to have learned the entire Hapkiyusul system from Choi. In accordance with Choi's dying wishes he continues to train and teach Hapkiyusul everyday in order to preserve a body of knowledge that is unique in an ever-changing world. This is his obligation as 3rd Doju of Hapkiyusul Yong Sul Kwan. The Hapkiyusul Yong Sul Kwan Headquarters are in Geumsan, South Korea.

HAPKIYUSUL is comprised of strikes, kicks, joint controls, off-balancing moves, and throwing techniques. It also incorporates internal training methods such as deep breathing techniques, 'Ki' energy development, and meditation. The unique training methods of Hapkiyusul result in a highly effective self-defence system. Nonetheless it is primarily a comprehensive training program of physical, mental and spiritual cultivation which benefits all-round health and improves one's experience of daily life.


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HAPKIYUSUL develops fitness, flexibility and strength. It increases circulation and enhances emotional balance, focus, concentration and self-confidence. This system is an excellent method of stress release. Hapkiyusul training cultivates respect and harmony with self and others. The higher purpose of the art is to develop the mind and spirit of a warrior with a character that is able to master oneself in all situations.

Self Mastery Through a Warrior Tradition

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